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Welcome to NINO-INVEST german

The rapid money

Make money in fractions of a seconds

As Daytrader one buys something, in order to sell it in the next instant again. To mouse click can thousands of euro in such a way bring - or the ruin. Daytrader is one not from 9 to 17 o'clock, Daytrader is one 24 hours on the day and 365 days in the year. Vacation does not exist. Crisis periods are in the trade now times the stretching. That sounds itself now perhaps stressig, is it however not. Stress would be to be hung around in the beach chair in which sun, if one knows that in this instant in Frankfurt, in New York the courses shoot into the sky or ram into the soil that others make the large money, now, exactly in this instant. With the normal stock broking Daytrading has to do approximately as much as jet military plane flies with bicycle drive. One speculated on falling or rising courses, buys and steps out then immediately again - after few hours, minutes or also only seconds, normally with a profit.

Daytraden is a bet on the future and exactly makes the present so fast. Sometimes one must react even within the fraction one second. A fast finger can bring ten thousands of euro. A Trader even uses a Joystick, in order to be able to react still better. One the most famous Daytrader of the world, Lewis Borsellino, made once within fewer seconds 1.3 million dollar. Afterwards was feeling bad. Enjoy the strain, the feeling that between a few Mouseclick profit or loss lies, victory or defeat, perhaps even wealth or ruin. If it depends on it, one is not nervous, but calmly, emotionless, nearly mechanically. Borsellino said once: "you must be like a robot."

Instead of the key ALT+F4 the key F5 pressed, thousands of technology shares sells instead of bought - much condemns lost - a half second not watched out. To excite one should not itself over such a thing. The money is not away, says itself one. One has it the market only borrowed and already soon repeats itself one it. One does not live at all in here and now - one lives in the future. One becomes like the stock exchange: fast, precipitously, jerkily. One gets lost on the way to the baker. On the other hand one finds the gate on the airports eyes connected by Munich, London or New York with, without only once too struggle.

Be connected

Because one needs one Internet connection for working only, one can actually be permanently on the way: Crete, Dubai, Sydney - in such a way one redeems the smart money, which one earns at the stock exchange.

Make it

A remuneration for the extreme load in the job is now times a good hotel, also times Champagne instead of beer, four stars instead of McDonald's, Porsche instead of gulf. Sounds natural now after plate - however that is a plate, which one lives gladly.

Your choice

As Daytrader one compares now times each expenditure for a certain action with the profit, which one gets, if one the action outsourced. And in two hours, in which one cooks, one can earn its meal at the stock exchange for the next seven days (or more). Peel why thus bulbs?

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