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Privacy police
We respect your privacy. NINO-INVEST will not share or distribute by any means any of your personal information collected without your permission. All information you provide to NINO-INVEST is kept in the strictest confidence.

Personal Information

Personal information collected is limited to account User Name, account User ID and optionally your e-mail address. Your e-mail address may be used by NINO-INVEST to send you important information regarding NINO-INVEST or your CryptoHeaven account. NINO-INVEST does not contact users unless the correspondence is specifically requested or service related.

Protection of Your Data

We would like to stress that confidentiality of your data is mostly protected by our encryption technology and not entirely by our policy. Technology prevents us from accessing your data in the plain form. Your data stored on our servers is always encrypted, including message subjects, message body, file data, file names, file descriptions, folder names, folder descriptions, contact names, various keys and other information. Service administrators have access to the encrypted files, but its content is illegible to them without your user name and your passphrase. Your passphrase is never transmitted to us in a plain or encrypted form. NINO-INVEST has strict protocols that limit access to collected information. Only selected administrators have access to the user database itself. NINO-INVEST never associates IP addresses with user accounts, we never log demographic user access trends or user access times.


NINO-INVEST uses session cookies in the account upgrade process, once the user leaves the web site, all cookies are permanently destroyed. We do not use cookies to store any personably identifiable information. NINO-INVEST does not use persistent cookies. If you would prefer not to accept session cookies, please turn them off in your browser.

Web Logs

Web logs are generated by the web server and are permanently deleted after one month. Logs contain IP addresses and reference URLs which are used to analyze aggregate market trends and gather aggregate demographic information only. No such information is ever associated with a particular user or account, or shared with any third party.

Policy Modifications

This policy may be altered in the future to accommodate for new features and service changes, or reflect your and our concerns. Contact Us

We value your opinions and appreciate your comments. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email at support@nino-invest.com

Be connected

Because one needs one Internet connection for working only, one can actually be permanently on the way: Crete, Dubai, Sydney - in such a way one redeems the smart money, which one earns at the stock exchange.

Make it

A remuneration for the extreme load in the job is now times a good hotel, also times Champagne instead of beer, four stars instead of McDonald's, Porsche instead of gulf. Sounds natural now after plate - however that is a plate, which one lives gladly.

Your choice

As Daytrader one compares now times each expenditure for a certain action with the profit, which one gets, if one the action outsourced. And in two hours, in which one cooks, one can earn its meal at the stock exchange for the next seven days (or more). Peel why thus bulbs?

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